Posting: Gatehopper Party! Via ExploreNet
Sponsor: Hashi Tetsu and Terminal God
Gate: The Fissure Gate, Chat Noir, Oberon, Uranus System
Payment: 0 credits

Hey guys! Terminal God and I are looking for new gatehopping buddies after our old partners Master Static and Karya Kova went psycho on us out several jumps back. Karya said something crazy about the gates speaking to her and wanting blood. TG and I have no idea what she was talking about, but I would advise against working with her in the future. Master Static was a great Simian to work with and top notch hardware guy but Karya went blitzo on him and we left the two floating out in some barren backwater asteroid gate. I’m sure Master Static would appreciate the stack reboot if you know what bank to find him in.

Anyway, more corporeal morphs would be appreciated. TG is an infomorph anarcho-scientist running on a Ghostrider module. I’ve got some combat experience and a whole lot of pharmaceutical bio-stimulants, but I’m mostly in it for the wanderlust. More muscle and hardware experience would be appreciated. No hardasses allowed.

OOC Note: Gatehopping is when a group of gatecrashers go from gate to gate with no particular destination in mind, simply to see where it will take them. Due to the relative nature of Pandora Gate coordinates, gatehoppers may never find their way back to civilized space. Critical to gatehoppers’ gear list is the BLUE BOX, which allows gatehoppers to control the Pandora Gates. However, allowing a BLUE BOX to fall into the hands of currently-unknown xeno-threats could spell disaster for Transhumanity.